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Our China Trip: Chapter 3 – Nanning

September 13, 2016


Next up was a trip to Emily’s and Elisabeth’s hometown – Nanning.  Nanning is the capital of Guangxi province in southern China. The city itself has over 4 million residents, and if you add in the surrounding area, the population swells to almost 7 million.  It was important for the girls to see and understand just where they came from.  The highlight was going to the orphanage that we worked with to adopt them.  Best of all was that the orphanage was able to track down their foster mother for their first 11 months, Yi Feng (pictured above with Elisabeth and Emily)!  For all of us to be able to talk to her and ask questions about their first year was priceless.

Nanning is referred to as the Green City for good reason – it is lush and tropical (and hot)! We enjoyed the three days we spent there. Here is a short montage:

Please check out the pictures from our stay in Nanning here. Next up – Chapter 4 – Yangtze River cruise

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