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About us…

Bob, Suzy, Elisabeth, and Emily in front of our (late) Bradford Pear tree

TOP: Elisabeth, Suzy, Bob, and Emily in 2020. BOTTOM: Bob, Suzy, Elisabeth, and Emily in 2009

We are the Martilotta family. Bob and Suzy are father and mother to Elisabeth and Emily.  We live in Georgia (the one in the United States – not the country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia).  You can see our photos dating back to 2000 at .  You can also find our videos dating back to 2009 at .  Bob’s Instagram is and his Facebook is

Here is a link that will show you all posts on this blog from its inception in 2009 to the present (newest first). And as a special bonus, our prior website dating back to 2000 (hosted by the long departed Geocities) is archived here (note that some of the links do not work, but many of them do).

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